HCC Medical Insurance Services

HCC Medical Insurance Services provides flexible and affordable trip protection coverage for almost anywhere you choose to travel.

HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC (HCCMIS), a subsidiary of HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc., offers a comprehensive portfolio of international group health, domestic short term and travel medical insurance products designed to address the insurance needs of travelers worldwide.

HCC made its debut in 1998, advertising the first insurance products and services available through the internet, making it a leader in the international health insurance marketplace. 

  • Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN
  • Offers insurance in over 130 countries
  • USitA member
  • Worldwide provider network for all international health plans; powered by Equian International
  • Only carrier with a short-term domestic product for U.S. travelers in the United States; which is supported with Coventry’s national network of providers
Claims & Assistance

HCC Medical Insurance Services Claims & Assistance

Need to contact HCC’s assistance department? Reach out to them directly using the information below.

  • HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC
  • 251 North Illinois Street
  • Indianapolis
  • IN, 46204

1-317-262-2132 (outside US)


1-317-262-2132 (outside US)

HCC Medical Insurance Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is international medical insurance coverage?

International Medical coverage is health insurance that covers you for accidents or non-preexisting illness when you are traveling outside your home country. Coverage can be tailored in ways to meet your specific needs.

Why do I need insurance while outside my home country?

In most case your domestic medical coverage will not cover you while abroad or may offer only limited benefits. Medicare does not travel with you and your Medicare Supplement plans only have limited benefits.
Travel insurance also provides coverage for emergencies such as evacuation due to medical condition, civil unrest or natural disasters, repatriation or assistance with minors. Your domestic medical coverage does not provide these benefits which, if needed, can be very costly.

Who can buy international medical coverage?

Anyone traveling outside their home country, vacation travelers, business travelers, students, missionaries.

What insurance documents do I need to take on my trip?

Now that your travel insurance is in place, it’s important that you take a few documents with you on your trip and also leave a copy of these at home with a family member or friend.
1. Your confirmation of coverage document.
2. The insurance’s company’s emergency contact phone number.
3. Your policy number.
4. Your coverage and benefits policy pages.
Before your trip be sure that you have read your policy and are familiar with the benefits available so you can ask questions if there is something unclear.

What do I do if I have a claim?

If you are seeking treatment at a medical facility or provider, give that provider the contact information to the company you are covered under. Many times the insurance company can provide payment upfront. If you have paid anything out-of-pocket then save all your receipts, medical bills, and forms pertaining to your claim. Complete the appropriate claim form from that insurance company and submit it with the associated bills and payment information. Many companies offer online tools to help you file a claim or to check on the status of a pending claim.

Can my coverage start today?

Your insurance coverage cannot start on the same day you apply. The earliest most plans can begin is 12:01am the next day.

Can I cancel my coverage?

If you cancel your coverage before it begins, most carriers waive any cancellation fee. If you cancel after your coverage begins, there may be a cancellation fee. Only unused portions of your premium will be refunded, often in whole monthly increments only.

If you are concerned about the need to cancel coverage, then you may purchase trip cancellation coverage as a rider on some plans or purchase a stand-alone trip cancellation plan to cover your accident/ sickness and trip cancellation needs in one.