Choosing a Travel Insurance Plan

Travel insurance comes in different packages, and it is based on your needs.

Some travel plans offer only a few specific benefits, while others have a wide range of benefits and are considered to be comprehensive plans.

Which insurance plan you need really depends on three items:

  1. What kind of trip you’re taking – Are you taking a 10-day vacation? Or are you leaving for an extended trip studying abroad for 9 months?
  2. What are your primary concerns – Is there a chance your trip might be cancelled and you want to cover the cost? Is coverage for an injury or illness most important to you?
  3. Additional individual factors – What are the specifics of your trip? Are you traveling for a certain sport or going on a cruise? Are you a business traveler with multiple trips per year?

Knowing what to look for in each plan when researching your options will help you make the best choice for you and your trip.

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