Liaison Student Plan

Liaison Student Insurance

Seven Corners’ Liaison Student travel insurance plan is a great fit for U.S. or non-U.S. citizens studying abroad in a full-time educational class and/or research program.

For U.S. citizens who are students, visiting faculty, or scholars between 12 and 64 years of age and temporarily residing outside your home country, you are eligible for this plan.

For non-U.S. citizens, educational or research activities including vocational, cultural exchange or training programs are accepted. You must also have a valid J-1, H-3, F-1, M-1 or Q-1 visa.

What makes this plan so great?

  • A travel medical insurance plan designed specifically for students, faculty or scholars
  • Two deductible options ($0 or $50)*
  • Two coinsurance options (80% or 100%)
  • Length of trip can be five days to 12 months
  • Extension of benefits in home country coverage included

Other unique benefits included in this plan are emergency reunion, emergency medical evacuation, sports related injury protection and return of mortal remains.

*For U.S. citizens only, see product brochure for full details


Liaison Student Plan Details


Medical Maximum

$250,000 Primary Insured
$50,000 Spouse/Child


Non-U.S. Citizens: $100 if not first treated by the Student Health Center (or if there is no Student Health Center)/$50 if first treated by Student Health Center
U.S. Citizens: $0/$50

Prescription Drugs / Medicines

Non-U.S. Citizens: $10 for generic and $20 for brand name
U.S. Citizens: $0 for generic and $0 for brand name


80% to %10,000, then 100% to plan maximum
100% to plan maximum

Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition (Medical)

Non-U.S. Citizens: N/A
U.S. Citizens: Up to $500


Covered as any other illness

Mental Illness

Inpatient: Payable at 50%, up to $10,000 up to a max of 45 days
Outpatient: Payable at 80%, up to $500

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Inpatient/Outpatient: Payable at 50%, up to $1,000

Injuries From a Motor Vehicle Accident

Non-U.S. Students: $10,000
U.S. Citizens: Up to Policy Maximum

Sports Related Injuries

Non-U.S. Students: $5,000
U.S. Citizens: Up to Policy Maximum

Emergency Dental

$250 per tooth to a maximum of $500

Emergency Medical Evacuation


Return of Mortal Remains


Emergency Reunion



$10,000 per primary insured
$5,000 per spouse/dependent child



Spinal Manipulation


Ambulance Expenses


Incidental Home Country Coverage

30 days of coverage to a maximum of $1,000

Extension of Benefits

$1,000, expenses must be incurred within 30 days of returning
to your home country

For full policy information, see your policy certificate for details.

Liaison Student Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered for sports or team events?

Organized sporting teams, whether amateur or professional, are generally not covered by these travel plans. If you are traveling with a sports team, contact your organization about coverage. Most are covered under a group blanket plan.

Student designed plans can offer limited sports coverage while being played with a school team, depending on the plan chosen.

Are pre-existing conditions covered under international medical?

Under short term medical plans pre-existing conditions are not covered. If you are looking for a permanent plan because you are going to be out of your home country for longer than six months please give us a call for advice.

Are vision and dental benefits covered under a short-term medical plan?

Unless state-mandated, vision and dental are not covered under a short-term medical plan. Emergency dental work due to an accident may be included under a standard plan.

Can I cancel my coverage?

If you cancel your coverage before it begins, most carriers waive any cancellation fee. If you cancel after your coverage begins, there may be a cancellation fee. Only unused portions of your premium will be refunded, often in whole monthly increments only.

If you are concerned about the need to cancel coverage, then you may purchase trip cancellation coverage as a rider on some plans or purchase a stand-alone trip cancellation plan to cover your accident/ sickness and trip cancellation needs in one.

Can my coverage start today?

Your insurance coverage cannot start on the same day you apply. The earliest most plans can begin is 12:01am the next day.

Does travel insurance cover pregnancy?

Under short term medical policies pregnancy including complications is generally excluded. With some long term plans if you have the coverage for 11 months or longer maternity coverage can be purchased.
Policy provision varies by carriers and travel policies. If you have specific questions, please give us a call at 1-866-971-7936

How do I extend or renew my coverage?

Extension or renewal options vary from plan to plan. Some plans are not extendable or renewable, and some are only renewable if you purchase a minimum number of months. If your plan is renewable or extendable, you must renew before the expiration date. Otherwise, you will need to reapply and satisfy new deductibles or waiting periods. Policies do not automatically renew; you will receive your renewal notice by email.

How early should I purchase my travel insurance?

You may need to buy your coverage quickly. Certain plans, such as trip cancellation plans, have benefits that are not available unless you purchase your coverage within 10-15 days of your initial down payment on your trip. Trip cancellation may exclude pre-existing conditions, or not offer a “Cancel for Any Reason” benefit if you purchase coverage after a certain number of days from the time that you make your initial trip deposit. See the brochure for details.

Now that I have purchased insurance coverage, what do I do with it?

Print your ID card and a copy of the claim form. Your ID card contains your policy certificate number, your name, and dates of coverage. The ID card and claim form both have the phone number for the insurance company. It is also a good idea to email a family member or trusted person a copy of your insurance coverage, passport, itinerary, credit card, and other travel documents in case you lose them.

What do I do if I have a claim?

If you are seeking treatment at a medical facility or provider, give that provider the contact information to the company you are covered under. Many times the insurance company can provide payment upfront. If you have paid anything out-of-pocket then save all your receipts, medical bills, and forms pertaining to your claim. Complete the appropriate claim form from that insurance company and submit it with the associated bills and payment information. Many companies offer online tools to help you file a claim or to check on the status of a pending claim.

What is a pre-certification requirement?

Certain medical procedures and benefits require pre-certification before the insurance company will approve the cost. Procedures and treatments such as but not limited to surgeries, emergency medical evacuation, CAT scans, MRI scans, and return of mortal remains must be pre-certified before treatment, or coverage may be reduced by 50% and other expenses forfeited. Only you and your doctor can decide the appropriate course of treatment for your injury or illness. Most carriers offer the option to pre-certify online through your consumer portal or by phone.

What is international medical insurance coverage?

International Medical coverage is health insurance that covers you for accidents or non-preexisting illness when you are traveling outside your home country. Coverage can be tailored in ways to meet your specific needs.

Which doctor or hospital can I go to?

The PPO provider for Patriot America Insurance is FirstHealth PPO Network. FirstHealth PPO Network is an independent organization and a recognized PPO Network by all major hospitals, doctors, and health facilities.

You can search for doctors or hospitals in this Provider Directory. Prefer going to any doctor or hospital listed under this PPO network to receive in-network benefits benefits.

Who can buy international medical coverage?

Anyone traveling outside their home country, vacation travelers, business travelers, students, missionaries.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

First, seek immediate medical treatment and call the local emergency number in your area or contact an emergency service provider. Depending on where you are, you may not be in an area that provides emergency medical services.

Then contact the insurance company by using the phone number on the back of your ID card. They will accept collect calls. The insurance company may provide emergency medical evacuation if it is a part of your covered benefits. Contacting the insurance company as soon as possible can help reduce delays in medical treatment and claims.

Make sure a trusted friend or family member has a copy of your ID card, travel itinerary, and travel documents as back-up.

Why do I need insurance while outside my home country?

In most case your domestic medical coverage will not cover you while abroad or may offer only limited benefits. Medicare does not travel with you and your Medicare Supplement plans only have limited benefits.
Travel insurance also provides coverage for emergencies such as evacuation due to medical condition, civil unrest or natural disasters, repatriation or assistance with minors. Your domestic medical coverage does not provide these benefits which, if needed, can be very costly.

Will short-term coverage provide benefits for travel vaccinations, wellness check-up, or female preventative care?

Preventative care is generally not covered under short-term travel plans. Long-term expatriate plans and some student health plans may offer variations of wellness care.

Liaison Student Claims & Assistance

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